The National Health Research Database

The National Health Research Database (NHRD) serves as a repository of health-related research which has been and is currently being conducted in South Africa.

As such, it is a useful tool for monitoring and managing health research for both the National Health Research Committee, and the 9 Provincial Health Research Committees (PHRCs).

The database also allows researchers and research committees to map geographic areas in which research is being conducted, and provides a snapshot of current and past research priorities. This information is valuable to policy makers, donors and research institutions as it facilitates equitable and relevant allocation of resources for research priorities.

As a tool the NHRD:

  • Facilitates the best use of limited research resources
  • Assists researchers to collaborate through sharing of research information
  • Reduces duplication in research efforts
  • Assists the Health Research Committees in setting health research priorities, for the Research Committees and the country
  • Provides a checklist of criteria that must be fulfilled in order to conduct research in public sector health facilities
  • Increases transparency regarding ethical considerations in health research.